The world we live in is digital, and adopting is not just an option now for a business to be successful, it’s mandatory. However, with the benefits of technology for your business come the associated overhead, cost uncertainty, maintenance, compliance, risk, and security challenges – That’s where we come in.

ABM Advantage Managed Services are designed for medium sized enterprises. We deliver stable, secure, suitable, and predictable IT services that meet your needs and scale easily.

ABM’s suite of Advantage Managed Services, along with our Advantage Supplemental Services and our Professional Services offerings give you the options you need to be able to focus on your business, and not your IT.


  • Infrastructure assessment and planning 

  • Software upgrades and implementation

  • End-user support 

  • Remote and on-site trouble shooting 

  • Wireless networking solutions

  • Mobility and remote access 

  • Hardware purchasing and preparation for use 

  • Server and network management and monitoring 

  • Daily management of anti-virus and patching needs 

  • Data backup and support 

  • Development of corporate IT policies


ABM Advantage

  • Level 1 Service Desk Support
  • Incident Lifecycle Management
  • Login / Password Support
  • Connectivity Support
  • Remote Access Support
  • User Profile Assistance
  • Application Access and Provisioning
  • Microsoft Application Support
  • Standard Reporting
  • Next Tier Support Partnership

ABM Advantage

  • Everything in Essentials
  • Level 2 Service Desk Support
  • Advanced Expertise
  • Next Level Problem-Solving
  • Expanded Network Support
  • Expanded Endpoint Support
  • L1 Escalation Handling
  • Customer Success Manager
  • Enhanced Reporting
  • 3rd-Party Handoff/Coordination

ABM Advantage

  • Everything in Plus
  • Level 3 Service Desk Support
  • L1 and L2 Escalation Handling
  • Network Security and Monitoring
  • System & Network Engineers
  • Security Engineers
  • Advanced Analytics, and Guidance
  • Remedial Onsite Services
  • Premium Reporting Services
  • Strategic Guidance and Advice

ABM Advantage Essentials

ABM Advantage Essentials delivers first level IT and application support to your end users, letting you effectively focus on your business. ABM’s Service Desk delivers their expertise and customer-first approach to support your end users, enabling you to easily manage costs and scale as needed. Let our team take the day-to-day support of your infrastructure and network off your plate. Now you have more time and resources to focus on critical business strategies and deliverables.

We create predictable and stable IT environments, while proactively managing risk and downtime, all backstopped by excellence in customer service from our industry-leading, Canada-based, Service Desk.

ABM’s experienced support team oversees your network, allowing you to focus on your business while we take care of everything else. 

ABM Advantage Plus

ABM Advantage Plus delivers the first and second level support that IT users need. Let us provide the IT support to your business so you can focus on your core competency.

Plus allows a focus on business success while we provide the IT support needed to achieve it. Our first and second level service teams work together to provide the hardware, software, IT, and cloud services support required. It leverages our infrastructure as a service solution to eliminate distractions associated with choosing and managing products and services. Now, you can focus on your business while we use technology to enable your success.

Plus provides an effective way to outsource selected IT business needs, and as with all Advantage offerings, we keep things simple, standardized, and cost-effective.

ABM Advantage Plus scales with you, so you never have to buy today, what you may need tomorrow.

ABM Advantage Strategy

Gain a competitive edge in the marketplace with strategic IT support. ABM Advantage Strategy is an end-to-end solution for IT support.

Your business has growing, the market is ever evolving, and you know it’s time to consider improvements to your company’s IT system and infrastructure. Hiring additional employees and evaluating technical requirements can be a daunting challenge, not to mention risk.

We work with companies like yours all the time, and this is why we created ABM Advantage Strategy.

Strategy provides first, second, third level Service Desk support, network & system engineers, and On-Site services. These teams work together to completely manage IT, software, and hardware support. This allows businesses to focus on the initiatives that are key to achieving their success.

As a business changes and grows to meet the ever-evolving market, so do its IT needs. Partner with ABM to  provide the support, guidance, and technology services your company needs to be secure, stable, and successful.

Looking for a tailored solution for your business specific requirements? We can customize a plan just for you.

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