The Advantages of a Virtual CIO (vCIO)

July 30, 2020

The Advantages of a Virtual CIO (vCIO)

For any organization, large or small, the advantages of a virtual CIO (vCIO) are instrumental in aligning strategy and driving economic value through technology investments.  The vCIO handles all responsibilities of a chief information officer or chief technology officer. A vCIO is a viable option for businesses looking to influence their technology roadmap within the new digitally transformed markets of today and limit the economic impact of a full-time CIO.

Virtual CIOs are experienced in navigating technology, strategy, and delivery, and help to advance business outcomes, improve processes, and work in support of your efforts to meet the organization’s goals. The decision to outsource leadership and technical competencies to a vCIO helps to align your technology footprint and provide your organization with expert knowledge in aligning technology outcomes to your business.

Deployed effectively, a vCIO will strategically identify and manage the gaps between technology, a strategic driver of any business today, and business outcomes. An investment in vCIO services is especially helpful for small or midsized businesses (SMB) who have limited resources to hire a technology executive to define and build a technical roadmap for the organization.

Many organizations lack the experience and knowledge, in the fast-paced world of technological change of today, to establish a technical roadmap that aligns the business with the modern economy. Keeping your organization up to date with the rapidly evolving landscape and integrations between technology and industry is an essential aspect of any organization today. A vCIO can assist in aligning your organization to meet the technical demands of today’s markets, particularly within:

  • Growth and Revenue Generation
  • Strategy and Alignment
  • Security and Compliance
  • Data, Analytics, and, Insights

Sound familiar, within modern markets, technology has become a strategic driver for organizations large and small, and to make the most of your investments in technology it takes knowledge, experience, and a clear understanding of the integration between technology and business, that is, business in the new knowledge economy.

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