Experience the Difference with ABM: Elevating Your Renewal Process to Unprecedented Heights!

December 12, 2023

In the world of technology, certain certainties prevail – death, taxes, and of course, renewals. At ABM, we understand that your satisfaction hinges on the seamless renewal of licenses, support, and maintenance. While others may view it as a routine task, we recognize that the renewal process is an art, not a science.

Picture this: a seemingly straightforward renewal turns into a complex web of details, taking hours or even weeks to unravel. What sets ABM apart is our commitment to simplifying this intricate process, ensuring that your experience is not marred by unnecessary delays.

The key to a smooth renewal lies in meticulous management. ABM boasts a dedicated practice specializing in the administration of licensing, maintenance, and support renewals. We proactively initiate the renewal process, often getting involved up to 3 months before expiration. This forward-thinking approach, coupled with our adherence to industry best practices, sets us apart in the competitive landscape.

Automated? We wish! The reality is that none of the vendors we collaborate with, be it Microsoft, Juniper, Cisco, or Palo Alto, have a fully automated renewal system. ABM takes the reins by maintaining accurate serial number lists, collaborating with manufacturers and clients to ensure alignment. It's a meticulous process, but it's what ensures airtight accuracy.

Once our meticulous audit is complete, we swing into action, negotiating with vendors and distribution partners to secure the best possible prices for our clients. We go beyond mere cost considerations, meticulously comparing support offerings to match your unique needs. Is a 4-hour hardware replacement necessary, or can we tailor a solution with hot spares and a more cost-effective replacement contract? It's all about intelligent risk management.

In some scenarios, the most prudent choice might be to explore the option of investing in new equipment rather than renewing support for aging gear. ABM collaborates with clients and manufacturers to analyze the cost-effectiveness, ensuring that every decision aligns with your long-term goals.

In essence, ABM is your strategic partner, dedicated to minimizing the pain and cost associated with the renewal process. Our mission is simple: achieve 100% support coverage, 100% of the time. With ABM by your side, technical support is a breeze – no need to reach for your Visa card when you need assistance. Elevate your renewal experience with ABM today!